CV and Research

See below for Dr. Becker’s Curriculum Vitae:

Becker Curriculum Vitae

As a doctoral student at the University of Arizona, I conducted some research on how individuals of varying levels of musical training evaluate musical performances, utilizing clarinet students and a variety of guest adjudicators. See below for the paper:

Evaluation of musical performances

Music theory, in particular rock theory, is one of my great interests. I have presented this research multiple times, an examination of tonal unity in Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here:

The Governing Tonal Axis in Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here

My doctoral dissertation, “The Clarinet-Percussion Duo in the 21st Century: A Survey and Discussion of Works from 2000 to July 2015,” is a thorough examination of the trends in this exciting genre. It is my hope to find the time to update this research though the present someday! See below for a highly condensed version:

The Clarinet-Percussion Duo in the 21st Century